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Who am I?
My name is Rustin. I’m a University of Texas graduate living in NYC, working in media and marketing. I’m a big time techie, part time-gamer, and full time adventurer. My passport gets used as often as possible and my drink of choice is a Black Russian.
What have I done?
Paramount Pictures

During my time on the Interactive Marketing Team, I monitored analytics, created reports, presented findings, met with partners, and got to watch films before release.

CMIT Solutions

At this IT company, I somehow talked them into trusting me with a weekly newsletter with over 100k prospects. From database management to content and design. I also made pretty good coffee.

Student Government

While at UT I had the opportunity to work some pretty stellar student initiatives and step in as a brand manager for the student body president’s campaign. Hook ’em!

Life is more than resume lines. I grew up with my amazing family in rural east Texas and followed my wanderlust around the globe. I’ve seen and tried things most Texans don’t know exist, and I’m nowhere near done exploring. As far as what I’ve done professionally, you can check out my resume for an idea. If you want to talk to me or to a reference about anything from budget travel tricks to my experience with coding, don’t be shy.
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How do I work?

1. Refine the Questions

Who is the prime target? What do I want them to do, exactly? Is this a competitive space? Is there a better niche?

2. Research the Data

Always use numbers. Save time/money by swallowing pride and admitting ‘I don’t know everything.’ Data is your friend.

3. Run the Tests

Launch the campaign! Observe and record everything. Attempt to avoid personal bias and record competitors’ data accurately too.

4. Review and Revisit

Review the performance. How did the campaign do against similar ones? Can I tweak it to achieve greater results? Excelsior!

A Change Of Perspective…

While studying in London a local in a coffee shop told me something that changed my life forever, “Americans live to work, Europeans work to live.”

We are raised to believe that working harder means greater success and happiness – which I now believe to be false. I choose to focus on working smarter and on things that I’m passionate about to find success and happiness. The question “what do you do” should be answered with something more substantial than a business card title. I learn something from everyone I meet and every place I go, but this lesson is still my favorite.

Countries Visited
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Let’s get coffee.

We can chat about changing the world together. You can email me at